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How this blog is implemented

I didn't write a lot of technical posts in my legacy blog but when I did it was a bit painful because of lack of native syntax highlighting support.

Recently I started writing in GFM and realized that using markdown for my blog would be great. There are different ways to write posts in markdown. My choice was Jekyll which basically converts markdown files to static HTML.

With Jekyll you can:

  • Write posts in markdown
  • Use any text editor. I personally like GitHub's Atom because of its excellent GFM support
  • Store posts under version control
  • Host your Jekyll blog on GitHub Pages for free
  • Install Jekyll locally and preview the posts (and even the whole blog) before publishing
  • Publish via Git push

After some investigation I stumbled upon an article that nicely describes experience of building a GitHub-hosted blog using Jekyll (with poole). It also contains useful tweaks like implementing comments using Disqus and adding Google Analytics support. So if you're interested, go check it out!


After a while I decided to migrate from Github to Gitlab because there I can define my own build pipeline and hence I'm not tied to a particular version if Jekyll.